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Single beam antenna

Small size, light weight, wide band width, good polarization characteristics


  • High-speed railway
    Compared with traditional antennas, Luneburg spherical lens antenna can effectively cover longer distance, better signal quality in the coverage area, effectively reduce the base station investment, and provide high-quality call and Internet service.
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  • Bridge
    In the middle section of the bridge, the traditional antenna coverage is weak, the new base station is difficult to guarantee the signal quality. Luneberg spherical lens antenna helps bridge wireless communication network construction, realizing full coverage of the bridge and providing high-quality network experience.
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  • Highway
    The construction operation and maintenance cost of base stations along the expressway is high, so the use of Luneburg lens antenna to separate and close stations can effectively reduce the number of base stations and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase while ensuring continuous coverage.
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Multi-beam antenna

The port isolation degree is high, the interference between the beam is small

  • Campus
    The number of campus users is large, the interference between the beam of the Luneburg lens antenna is small, and the capacity is higher than that of the traditional antenna, which can meet the demand of high network traffic and guarantee the user's business experience.
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  • Sea area
    Multi-beam Luneburg lens antenna can effectively solve the problem of ultra-long distance coverage and meet the needs of offshore users for network communication.
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  • Community
    The lack of deep coverage of traditional base station antennas in communities affects user service experience. Multiple beams of luneburg Lens antenna are used to split sectors to solve weak coverage while improving network quality and customer satisfaction.
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Engineering case

Luneberg sphere lens antenna can effectively meet ultra-long distance coverage, high capacity expansion coverage, cost reduction, efficiency increase and economic income.

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Luneberg lens technology, trillions of market capacity