Case study on Wireless Communication network coverage of Mujia High-speed Railway
Reduce the cost of base station and provide high quality call and Internet service.
Yuehaixin Luneburg Spherical lens antenna, together with China Unicom and China Mobile, contributes to the wireless network construction of Mujia high-speed railway. Compared with the traditional antenna, it can reduce the construction demand of 195 macro stations under the same coverage effect, and can save the investment and maintenance cost of 92 million yuan in 10 years.
Coverage case of Yachihe Bridge wireless Communication network
To assist the construction of bridge wireless communication network and provide high-quality network experience.
The length of the bridge is 1450 meters, and the effective coverage distance of the conventional antennas on both sides of the base station is only 500 meters, but the middle part of the bridge cannot be covered. After replacing yuehisense Luneberg spherical lens antenna, the effective coverage distance is increased to 1000 meters, and the business indicators of the whole section of the bridge are comprehensively improved.
The case of Lianhuo high-speed wireless communication network coverage
Reduce the number of base stations,chieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.
In lianyungang expressway section, four cell antennas were selected to replace yuehisenseLuneburg spherical lens antenna. With its high gain and knife-shaped coverage, the annual maintenance cost was reduced by 58% without changing the coverage effect.
Wireless Communication Network coverage case of Huizhou University
Meet the requirements of high network traffic and ensure user service experience.
The dormitory area of Huizhou University belongs to the area with high traffic and high capacity, so the network capacity is under great pressure and it is difficult to expand. The capacity of luneberg spherical lens antenna is increased by 408% and economic income is realized.
Case of Wireless Communication network coverage in Shandong Sea area
Effectively solve the problem of long-distance coverage and facilitate the development of 5G networks in maritime areas.
Yuehaixin joins hands with ZTE to help ocean fishermen get 5G Internet access. The coverage effect was optimized by the Lombard spherical lens antenna, the maximum coverage distance was 75km, and the download rate in the coverage area was effectively improved.。
Balimiao Community wireless Communication network coverage case
Improve the quality of network and customer satisfaction.
Some buildings in balimiao community have weak coverage and owners have complained many times. After replacing the Luneberg spherical lens antenna of Yuehaixin, the high load of surrounding base stations is effectively alleviated, the user perception is improved, and the overall business volume in the region is greatly increased.